4 Week Beginner Workout Program (Home Workout) 

Click on the link above to view and download our free workout program. Once you get started, please go at your own pace! Don't worry about finishing the program or even the whole day's workout. Feel free to modify the exercises and take more breaks or days off as you need them. Just start where you're comfortable and work your way up from there. Complete and repeat our program as many times as you'd like.

Give yourself grace, listen to your body, and don't forget to stretch and hydrate along the way!



If you're completely new to fitness, try this 20 Minute Full Body Workout (No Equipment) by BullyJuice. It's a great intro to fitness routine and will help you get used to moving your body. Do this workout 3-4 times a week for 2 weeks before you jump into our Beginner Workout Program!

Our program is heavily based on the 12 week workout plan High Intensity with Kayla 1.0. If you complete our program and are interested in continuing, you can go to this link to purchase the 12 week workout plan.