Esports injuries have led to poor gaming ability, severe and chronic pain, and even surgery.

"...The sad truth about the aforementioned injuries, is that all esports injuries are preventable, and even if someone has developed an injury, nearly all esports injuries are treatable and reversible when handled correctly."

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I game a lot throughout the week and these supplements are a great addition to my lifestyle. Feels good to support my health!

Sarah G.

Great supplements for serious gamers! I recommend these to all my gaming friends.

Justin P.

I have been using Nerd Pharm products for a few weeks now and I've noticed a huge difference using these consistently. The "Sun" and "Joints" vitamins specifically have become integral to my routine.

Alex S.

This was the perfect gift to get my son! He loves playing computer games and complains about his eyes hurting a lot from so much screen time. This was a great way to help him be a little healthier while he plays! Definitely recommend!

David P.

I've had a lot of pain in my thumbs and back after I'm done with a gaming session. The joints supplements were exactly what I was looking for to help take care of the problem. I take the eyes supplement too and it's been working really well

Nathaniel R.

These are AMAZING! Now I can game without worrying I need to give up feeling good for the rest of the day. Great products!

Jane A.

My eyes have been absolutely killing me these last couple months. Not only after gaming, but anytime I'm on my phone or computer for too long. Screens have been such a nightmare for me lately - so so sooo happy I found these products! I just take the Eyes supplement right now (which have been incredible and really helped alleviate the pain) I'm definitely ready to try the other products soon. Wish I started taking them sooner before my eyes started to hurt! Totally recommend!

Katherine S.

I've been gaming for more than 12 years now, and as I've gotten older, I'm feeling some physical effects. My friend recommended these supplements for my eye pain and fatigue. No pun intended, but its been a game changer. My health has improved, and so has my game! Will be continuing to buy from Nerd Pharm for the long term.

Annie G.